The Treflach Manifesto

These are the principles that guide our vision of agriculture as a sustainable industry, rooted in the community, working in harmony with nature and providing for the needs of local people. We aim for Treflach Farm to be the centre of many communities associated with people, animal welfare in food production, sustainability and care for the environment.

Our 5
Core Principles

We have a vision of becoming and remaining socially and economically viable and relevant to the community we serve by…
We have put in place the opportunities for developing an aspirational quality of life by…
We increase biodiversity and build soil with…
We farm using ultra-high animal welfare methods…
We are moving toward a circular economy through our goals of…

Business Customer?

We supply a number of independent shops, delis, garden centres, pubs and restaurants. We'd love to supply you too!

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Mission Statement

We transition towards sustainable farming guided by holism and grounded in permaculture principles.

We build soil, conserve biodiversity, and grow, make and eat wholesome food.

We build resilient relationships between the different on-farm businesses and other individuals/communities/customers/suppliers:

• The farm with its diverse set of nature friendly eco-systems and free range animals

• The food business making #tastypies

• The distribution business supporting high quality producers get their products to market

• The Community Interest Company providing therapy projects for a wide range of user groups