Treflach Farm Community Interest Company

We offer four types of opportunities to get involved on Treflach Farm:

  1. Treflach Tuesdays - farm and horticultural activities for individuals each Tuesday (18+)
  2. Volunteer farm stay - stay on the farm and help out (couples and individuals 16+)
  3. Training days/alternative provision - day services for young adults aged 14-16
  4. Primary school/community group daytime visits

1. Treflach Tuesdays - farm and horticultural activities for individuals each Tuesday

Every Tuesday (9am-3pm) we open the farm up to anyone who’d like to get involved. We have a wide variety of outdoor tasks; some the same each week (e.g. feeding the animals), some seasonal (e.g. gardening or woodland management) – and some undercover in case of inclement weather!

Perfect if you’re interested in getting involved and helping out, or even if you’d just like to come for a cup of tea, a chat and admire the view.

No experience necessary, just get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.


2. Volunteer farm stay - stay on the farm and help out

We offer volunteering opportunities through the year.  Accommodation is in a cosy upstairs room; the old Granary (sometimes used as a classroom in the case of inclement weather).

Tasks depend on interests and experience but could include helping in the bakery making pies or on the farm (feeding animals, gardening, repointing ancient stone walls, hedge cutting, fencing, straw bale stacking or any number of other seasonal jobs!).

Follow this link to find out more…

What is Horticultural Therapy and how can it help?

“Therapeutic horticulture is the process by which individuals may develop well-being using plants and horticulture.”

3. Training days/alternative provision - day services for young adults aged 14-16

What’s in it for participants?

  • Learn to work as part of a team

  • Learn to use a range of techniques and tools

  • Learn more about the world through working with plants that provide food

  • Improve mental health through a sense of purpose and achievement

  • Acquire new skills which improve the chances of finding employmentJust feel better for beingoutside, in touch with nature and in the 'great outdoors'

  • Improve people skills, such as relationships, communication and respectImprove self-confidence,self-esteem and motivation

Suggested horticulture activities

  • Prepare garden ground

  • Choose varieties of plants for growing

  • Plant seeds/seedlings of their choice

  • Weed around seedlings

  • Harvest fruit & vegetables

We also have a number of ancient woodlands, newer planted copses and orchards, which all need managing in different ways at different times of the year and much, much more...

What is animal welfare and how can it help?

Animal welfare is an integral part of what we do on Treflach Farm and means “the physical and psychological wellbeing of animals”

What’s in it for participants...

  • Improve physical range of motion, strength, endurance, balance, mobility, and sensation Increase inquisitiveness and recollection

  • Rapport building

  • Increase self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Extend concentration time-span

  • Reduce stress with calmer and more relaxed responses

  • Increase confidence with animals

  • Increase confidence with people

  • More smiles and a sense of fun!

Suggested animal welfare activities

  • Collect chicken/duck eggs

  • Clean nesting boxes

  • Feed animals

  • Give animals fresh water

  • Give animals clean beds

  • Tend to Pig Forest Garden

  • Build and maintain compost piles

What is care farming?

“Care farming” is a partnership between farmers, health care providers and participants, combining the care of people with the care of animals and the land. We offer meaningful farming activities which provide mental and physical health benefits for a wide range of people. We find that being close and working with our friendly farm animals makes a difference to all the people who meet them.

4. Primary school/community group daytime visits

Food, farming and countryside for everyone.

Children and young people are becoming more disconnected than ever from the countryside and where their food comes from.

We want to work with you to turn that around.

We are concerned for the future of British farming, food production, environmental sustainability and animal welfare - and no doubt you are reading this because you are too – and believe education is an important tool in building the future we all want.

What you need to know...

Our farm staff can help your group by:

  • Planning each day's work with individuals
  • Setting tasks according to the physical and mental needs/abilities of individuals
  • Demonstrating the use of tools and materials to ensure they are used safely
  • Helping individuals record their tasks by writing simple summaries or drawing pictures
  • Helping individuals to develop confidence and self-esteem through their work
  • Assisting individuals to improve their social and practcal skills
  • Encouraging individuals to gain pleasure from being outside.

Our qualified leader will take groups of (recommended) six people (including any adults/carers) through a structured yet flexible programme of farm based learning activities. These care days follow the term time calendar and are designed to provide vocational work based learning to people of varying abilities.

  • Timings

    A typical Farm Care Day will start at 10am and finish at 3pm, but we tailor any day to suit your requirements.

  • Refreshments

    Hot and cold drinks are provided throughout the day. Lunches can also be supplied to suit any budget.

  • Equal Opportunities

    We are able to cater for groups with special needs, please ask for further details on booking.

  • Health and Safety

    We have trained first aiders on site. CRB checks, insurance, vulnerable people poli- cies and risk assessments are all in place and references from previous customers are available upon request.

Contact us...

To make a booking or ask any questions please contact a member of the Treflach Farm team by phone or email.

Email: Phone: 01691 654321

Treflach Farm has brown ‘Tourism Signs’ from the bottom of Blodwel Bank on the A495. There is parking available for coaches and minibuses.
We recommend looking at our location on the map on the Farm page of this website and getting in touch as we are a little off the beaten track!

We look forward to meeting you!

The Treflach Farm Vision

"Agriculture as a sustainable industry, rooted in the community, working in harmony with nature and providing for the needs of local people. Treflach Farm at the centre of many communities associated with people, animal welfare in food production, sustainability and care for the environment"