As a small rural food business our single biggest problem was being able to get our delicious product out to the customers who wanted to buy them. Posting was impractical and expensive and so we decided to start delivering ourselves.

We quickly realised we needed to fill the space on the vans in order to cover as many of the costs as possible and so at the same time as delivering our own produce we started delivering on behalf of a number of other smaller scale, high quality product producers. As the number of customers we worked with grew so did the list of required destinations and the number of vans and drivers.

We currently go as far North as Preston, and as far South as Kent.

While our speciality is Central London & the M1/M6 and M40 corridors, with our well maintained Sprinter vans, our committed team of drivers and office staff and logistics partners linking into national chill and frozen networks we can cope with just about anything!

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Business Customer?

We supply a number of independent shops, delis, garden centres, pubs and restaurants. We'd love to supply you too!

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The Treflach Farm Vision

"Agriculture as a sustainable industry, rooted in the community, working in harmony with nature and providing for the needs of local people. Treflach Farm at the centre of many communities associated with people, animal welfare in food production, sustainability and care for the environment"