Winter's a comin'...

(Picture courtesy of Woodland Trust, credit: Adrian Coleman / WTML)

Usually from the uplands of Treflach around this time of year you can look into the night sky and realise how insignificant humanity is when viewing the stars in their constellations in such clarity – this only occurs when weather conditions allow low lying freezing fog to smother the artificial lighting emitting from all the towns and villages around.

The cycle of the seasons and the rhythms of the moon fazes are the life pulses that nature has evolved to survive. Night and day length trigger hormones in all things so the food chain is all on the same wavelength for maximum success. Artificial light pollutes and distorts natural cycles that then weakens the system and causes reproductive failure.

Even in a township like this with a few farms and a handful of isolated houses amongst fields and woods, a selfish urban sprawling mentality with ill fitting security lights poisons the dark and the nocturnal / diurnal balance shifts.  This can encourage increased crepuscular [twighlight] activity of foxes and the like on the food chain.