Wild Fruits Of Treflach

Go onto any bronze age archeological dig and people will always comment on how cold, open and exposed it is especially in winter; how did they cope with it? Well they knew no different and were born to it. Treflach has no archeological sites but what it does have in abundance is the wild fruits that were the staple of the late stone age.

At some point in the last 10,000 years Treflach was on the shoreline of Lake Lapworth, a post ice age sea of water but the only evidence of human existence are the wild fruits that they would have thrived on but today they are lived on by wildlife as they are now too small, bitter or just too fiddly for our modern busy ways.

Wild strawberries, blackberries, sloes, gooseberries, rosehip, crab apple found in the hedges and elderberries, hazel nuts, rowan, damson, and wild cherries in the form of trees and bushes and mushrooms in the fields- packed with mother natures nutrients they propelled our ancestors into the modern age.