The Treflach Dawn Chorus

They used to say a few years ago that bulls would go mad as when they bellowed from their living quarters the echo would rebound several times across the Treflach valley hitting different woods and the resulting sound caused aggravation to them.  There used to be over 15 herds in the area - now there is just 4.  Today, the bulls live outside not in sheds so have a better understanding of the world.

The dawn chorus at this time of year when the leaves are out is enriched by the echoes, even magnified.  It is said to be a mystery why the birds sing for twenty to forty minutes around sunrise, one theory is that each bird proclaims its territorial rights by singing.

The first to break into song is the lark.  Hiding overnight in tufts of grass, it soars into the sky singing as it goes. It is then joined by the blackbird, song thrush, robin, wood pigeon, turtle dove, mistle thrush, willow warbler, wren, chiffchaff and other birds roughly in that order.

Listening to it is a tonic for the mind and a sound that has not changed in millennia, before the modern world wakes up.