The Treflach Crow

At this hungry time of year the soil of Treflach is a larder for life.

The triple “caw” of the carrion crow is a cry not often heard theses days since the growing of corn has stopped in the village. Crows are often confused with rooks.  Usually the solitary bird is a crow and those that flock together are rooks, however crows will gather on good feeding grounds.  Their nests are dotted around the area and are usually made of untidy twigs high up in the forks of branches, they don’t usually last the winter in such a bleak landscape.

The crow family is notorious for their intelligence, the position of their nests are a good indicator of the summer that we will have, they eat fruit, seed, insects and injured small animals.

The nearest rookery is less than 2 miles away (as the crow flies) in trees that straddle the Morda road adjacent the Marches Academy and The Old Toll House.

Occasionally a pair of crows can be seen escorting birds of prey off their territory.