The Puff Balls of Treflach

Andrew Steele with a puffball July 2023

Puff balls are the Queens of the mushroom world being very rich in protein usually over 40%.  Found in pasture land where soil is undisturbed, when young they have the consistency of tofu but as natural as dew.  They are a result of perfect moisture and soil temperature where organic matter is decomposing.

Ripe specimens where once used by blacksmiths for burns as they have natural antibiotic qualities.  They were also used for kindling fires and for smoking out bees when opening up hives - while being careful not to breathe in the trillions of spores that can be dangerous.  If every spore was to burst into life they would take over the planet! 

Their role in the food chain is a sign of sustainability.  They show that the soil is alive and everything needed for subterranean organisms to thrive is present. 

I have noticed bite marks out of these often football sized fruiting bodies so they have are a nutritional requirement to something local and nocturnal!