The Ponds of Treflach

There are 3 different of types of ponds in Treflach - those that are serviced by Bellan Brook, spring fed ponds and cattle water troughs that are filled by local spring water. All are an aquatic jungle and a haven in the changing seasons.

Alder clings on in marshy areas, around the ponds or where no other tree can survive the wet.  It fixes nitrogen at its roots just like clover - only on a huge scale - and produces majestic conical trees that hold onto the soil.

When alder swamps were cleared in the Fens the soil fertility made it the bread basket of the country. Charcoal made from alder wood was excellent for making gun powder and the wood for clogs.  Much of Venice is built on alder piles as alder wood never rots in water.

In Treflach mosses and lichen can always be found on the north side of the alder tree trunks.