The Pollinators of Treflach

In Treflach there is a rare small leaved Lime that has a girth of 25 feet. I think it is 2 trees planted 6 feet apart about 300 years ago that have now joined together but this time of year it comes out with several million flower clusters. During daylight hours you can see a 75 foot cascade of blooms, smell this sweetest perfume from a wide area around and when underneath the canopy you can hear a hum like a harmonic choir of all the pollinators of Treflach working in unison for a few weeks at this beacon to the insect world.

There are over 1500 species of insect pollinators in the UK . In Treflach there are honey bees, bumble bees, solitary bees, moths, butterflies and hover flies living in the wild. Without these many crops for human consumption would fail.  Without the constant diverse food source these pollinators would die.  A green desert of grass, maize and corn with no tree or hedge blossom is no better than a factory roof which is as deadly as an over manicured lawn in the town.

If a none pernicious weed was instead called a forb and all farms embraced a natural diversity in their cropping and grazing the words flourishing, abundant and healthier would be more common.