The Fields of Treflach

If you went onto a desert island you would soon give name to parts of the island by describing the area.

Every field in Treflach is named some are Welsh names describing the area, for example:

  • Cae Nant (Valley Field),
  • Cae Coch (Red Field),
  • Copis Mawr (Big wood)

Fields created due to enclosure in 1750 had English names like 12 acres, cow pasture and paddock while some are named after people or hamlets.

The 1839 tithe field map of the area is very much like it is today.  You have the field like The Common opposite Gibraltar Inn that would have been the village allotments before 1750, and The Kennels near Gron-wen that when ploughed 30 years ago bricks came up that used to be where the local hounds were housed.