The Ancient and Magic Oaks of Treflach

More than half of the ancient oaks in the world are found in Britain.

Three can be are found in Treflach which have a girth ranging from 17-23 feet.  Given that the area was not a royal forest (which is where most ancient oaks are found) which gave oaks protection from being cut down, it is a wonder that the 3 Treflach trees have survived, as in hard times their value for timber would have been great.

All 3 have been pollarded at some time in their long life which helps prolong the life of a tree and are now part of the hidden landscape in a fast moving world.

The Magic Oak is like out of a Disney cartoon.  Pollarded, a huge stump with roots 15 feet out of the ground looks like it is about to run away.  3 trunks head for the sky and slabs of rock encrusted within the roots at the point at which it started life as an acorn. This is no illusion or trick of the light, it is magic. 

Just a few yards away, a sister tree is showing signs of carrying on the tradition.
Before Oliver Cromwell came to power trees were worshipped as part of the Christian Faith; when banned, places like these became defunct.