Spring flowers

50 years ago herds were small and cows were given the names to which they were born to at the time of year.

Today shopping habits have created huge supermarkets which prefers to deal with huge farms.

Treflach still has small herds of cattle however which allow wild flowers to flower like they have always done.

Blue bell woods are fenced off in the spring, as they could poison the cattle but could also be damaged if trampled on but in summer the woods are opened up to keep them clear of growth which would suppress next years flowers.  

Such flowers as:

  • cowslips (that gets its name from cow slob or cow sh**) which this flower likes to grow around.
  • Primroses thrive on sunny banks or quiet areas and in medieval times their leaves where boiled with lard to create hand cream.
  • The early purple orchid which has black spotted leaves used to be dug up for their roots as an aphrodisiac.
  • Violets and quite a few more than I can mention thrive here.
The word bucolic springs to mind, a word sadly lost to most of agriculture and life today.