The fields of Treflach are small compared to the land mainly due to the topography of the area and the relative late reclamation from the old forest of Treflach.  The land may not be the best, but the soil is alive and healthy due to the nature of farming and the fact heavy machinery do not fit in small fields so soil compaction is low.  Intense soil cultivation which has a negative effect on soil life is none existent.


There is an old local saying that for every tonne of livestock above ground there is a tonne of livestock below ground (worms, insects, fungi).  That is only true if the animals graze - when manure is spread on the land it acts as fertilizer to the plants- when an animal defecates on the land it feeds the sub-terrainean life.  As soon as the warm cow pat hits the ground it becomes a haven for a spectrum of life.  In moist weather the cow pat will disappear from the surface of the soil and in 4 weeks be completely recycled.  A sustainable engine room of the soil that powers food production.  It turns grass from animals that have been bred to eat grass, into high quality milk and meat with a low environmental impact.