Bellan Brook feeding Treflach Farm Pool and onward to Sweeney Fen SSSI

Treflach gets its name from the old welsh Tref-township iach-healthy and the reason for that was the many springs that ooze out of the fractured limestone beneath the glacial debris left behind in the last ice age 10 thousand years ago.
Bellan brook, Belle from the Norman French means beautiful starts at the top of the Treflach valley and as each spring joins the flow steadily increases till it plunges into Treflach pool whereupon Wern-Y-Weil brook converges.
The stewards of the land at Treflach have a family heir-loom that has been handed down since before the hands of time were invented how the township sunk one night during a feast the location in fact being a sink hole on the junction of two babbling brooks.
The annual 39.6 inches of rain (34 year average) sustains the local hydrology, 100 years ago a water wheel was built but the poor flow in summer meant that there was not enough flow to operate it. Today springs are harnessed at source to be fed to cattle in situ or pumped to storage tanks by wind power or water hydrant to disperse around the area by gravity meaning therefore all water consumption is sustainable and has a zero carbon footprint.
The calcium content of the water exceeds 330mg/litre making it one of the richest sources of limestone in the area this is then dispersed by the animals on the land enriching it returning any waste nutrient to make the grass green and the area pretty.