A Treflach Halloween


Treflach heaves with insects even this time of year mostly due to the pastoral landscape in which cattle live.

Bats are abundant, especially at dawn and dusk when you are walking through long grass and disturbing their food  - insects - so they flap around your head, and not just one variety. They are the only mammals capable of true and sustained flight and exploit a source of food their land-bound relatives are unable to catch. In Treflach they live in the local yew trees which protects them from their only predators; hawks and owls. They live up to 4-5 years but spend half their life sleeping.  They are about to hibernate soon so are stacking up on food to get their fat reserves ready to see them through the winter.

This time of year, the money spider (of which there are billions and billions in Treflach) weaves a spectre on the land called gossamer, basically cobwebs that covers the grass on sunny days which floats up into the sky and can travel for miles. Money spiders feed on aphids so are good for agriculture.

These two Treflach residents always make it feel like the spooky season...