What we do at Treflach Farm


A family run farm since 1904. Practising permaculture to raise free-range animals and care for the environment.


An on-farm bakery making #tastypies with free-range meat for wholesale & retail. Like to sell our pies? Get in touch!


Fresh, chilled distribution solutions for small food businesses. Contact us to talk about your requirements.


Therapeutic projects for children & young adults. Animal care, horticulture and land management.

About Us

In August 2006 Ian Steele returned to the family farm from working in London and abroad in the Petrochemical Industry. So began a journey to revitalise a small scale, hillside farm in the family since 1904. The aim was to prove that small scale agriculture can indeed be environmentally aware, promote biodiversity and remain viable in the modern world.

Today Treflach Farm:

  • Is an employer both on the farm outside Oswestry, Shropshire where we look after the land, animals, run courses & make the pies, and in Hatfield, Herts for delivering into London and the SE

  • Is a real working farm with free range animals

  • Operates a butchery and bakery

  • Distributes food products on behalf of national award winning chefs & food producers

  • Works with young adults with learning difficulties and disabilities

  • And much more…

All funded through the sale of our #tastypies!

Vision statement:

Agriculture as a sustainable industry, rooted in the community, working in harmony with nature and providing for the needs of local people. Treflach Farm at the centre of many communities associated with people, animal welfare in food production, sustainability and care for the environment.


We offer opportunities to learn about what we do and how we do it.
Visit the farm and we’ll organise a tour, or Ian can visit your organisation for speaking engagement or in a consultative capacity.
Topics covered can include:

  • Oil availability, it’s use and ‘Peak Oil’ with reference to modern farming & food production

  • Practical Permaculture

  • Micro/small agri-business/food startup

Mission Statement

Be an inspiring beacon of transition towards sustainable farming by demonstrating, teaching and practising sustainable farming techniques supported by a philosophy grounded in permaculture.

Treflach Farm, Treflach, Shropshire, SY10 9HX (01691) 654321

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