Quercus robur, Pendunculate Oak
Quercus robur, Pendunculate Oak

Quercus robur, Pendunculate Oak

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A common tree in British woodlands. Can grow to 40 meters. Leaves are lobed and shorter than those of sessile oak. Acorns are a valuable source of food for wildlife habitats in UK. Produces long lasted durable wood.


Maelor Nursereries are selling these wonderful oak trees cheap to avoid having to compost/burn them (see newspaper extract below).  We're going to plant 1000 but really need your help!

Please help us help establish these trees, in exchange for your contribution (suggested donation just a fiver) we'll ask you to come along to a (post COVID-19) planting day with a real community focus on trees, good food, live music and plenty of wassailing!

Get involved, buy, then plant a tree for the future!

We’ll burn 750,000 young oak trees, warn growers

More than 750,000 young oak trees due for planting will be destroyed by nursery owners who blame delays in government help for woodland creation.

The record destruction of seedlings comes despite promises to treble the tree planting rate.

Nurseries collected millions of acorns in anticipation of a surge in demand after ministers repeatedly encouraged planting of native species such as oak. But nursery owners say demand has failed to materialise as many landowners are delaying planting because they think that new subsidies due in 2024 will be more lucrative than those currently on offer.