Free Range Gammon Joint for Boiling
Free Range Gammon Joint for Boiling
Free Range Gammon Joint for Boiling

Free Range Gammon Joint for Boiling

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Treflach Farm gammon joint for boiling made with the finest cuts of pork leg from Treflach, handmade by Ian the farmer.

We have range of sizes of hams for boiling, from 1kg to 5kg.  Choose a size range or get in touch to choose a specific weight.  £9 p Kg, final price based on exact weight.

Please note these joints are frozen and so suited to collection or local delivery.  If you live further afield and will receive your items via ParcelForce it may start to defrost en route.  You will therefore need to cook the ham within 5 days of receipt and it will not be suitable for refreezing.

Recipe suggestion:

Place your ham in a suitable pan, pour over Treflach Farm Apple Juice or Treflach Farm Apple cider vinegar + top up with water. 

Throw in any seasoning you like: bay leaf, peppercorns, star anise, cinammon stick, chilli pepper flakes, whatever...

Boil for 20mins per lb (2.2lb per kg).

If you have a temperature probe you’re aiming for 75 degrees in the centre (well done).

When boiled take out of the water (retain a little for the base of your gravy), cut the skin & most (but not all) of the fat off.  You could place this skin and fat on your bird table rather than throwing away...

Drizzle honey & sprinkle brown sugar (and anything else you like - personally I like chilli pepper flakes), then place in an open topped roasting dish in the oven on 180-200 (depending on severity of your oven) for 1/2hr to sear/caramelise the sugar without drying out the ham.