Water Course

Treflach Farm pool, 0.5 acres area, 9' deep

Water in the Landscape on Treflach Farm

Treflach Farm has a number of natural springs feeding a stream that runs across ‘Cai Nant’, ‘Lawrences’ & the ‘Pool’ Fields before flowing into Sweeney Fen (a SSSI managed by Shropshire Wildlife Trust).

Sector 39 ran a Permaculture Design Project to look at the upper part of the water course and its impact on the landscape. What is happening? What could be done to improve biodiversity, reduce erosion & more…

Cai Nant - Schematic

Cai Nant - pics of the water course

Cai Nant - Survey

Cai Nant - Functions

Cai Nant - Systems, Elements, Functions

Cai Nant - Solutions

Cai Nant - PDC Presentation

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