Who are Treflach Farm?

Treflach Farm is a collection of animals, family, friends, employees, suppliers and customers from near and far that make it what it is. With the input from all of these we create an environment that we all want to be a part of. We endeavour to be ethical, sustainable and financially viable in our practices.

However we are aware we are not perfect; we have, and do, make mistakes, so we always say we are still practising at Permaculture – still not perfect at it!

Here you can see a little of what we do and how we do it, but for more information please do get in touch.

The mission (Should you choose to accept it)

Be an inspiring beacon of transition towards sustainable farming by demonstrating, teaching and practising permaculture excellence.

Our vision:

“Agriculture as a sustainable industry, rooted in the community, working in harmony with nature, providing for the needs of people on the farm and engaging & supporting others in an ethical & sustainable way through business activities.”

What We Do…

We operate in a number of different market sectors:

Running a free-range farm with a diverse set of nature friendly eco-systems (spring fed streams, ancient woodland, wetlands and permanent pasturelands)

.A Community Interest Business providing horticultural therapy projects for a wide range of user groups.

A food business making #tastypies right here on the farm.

A distribution business supporting other high quality producers get their wonderful products to market.

How We Do It…

Each of these functions operate in a cooperative fashion, supporting each other to develop for the benefit of all who touch upon Treflach Farm. To demonstrate how this happens this we have developed this infographic…

Why We Do It… The 10 Point Plan

  • Sustainable service provision of farm based education to all within our community

  • Localisation: meeting more core needs through local & ethical food production

  • To use local and green suppliers first to plug the leaks in the local economy

  • Provide more local food

  • Reduce unsustainable inputs on the farm whilst maximising outputs

  • Increase biodiversity

  • Produce no waste

  • Build a stronger more resilient community

  • Become a centre for good practice with regard food production and sustainability

  • Be carbon zero/negative - reduce our impact upon the environment

While we are not perfect we do measure ourselves by our impact on the world around us. We then work toward improving our processes by implementing changes based on observation, recording information, suggested improvements, implementing changes and analysing outcomes. We apply this to the land management as much as making a cracking pie!
For more on the practical ways we employ Permaculture here at Treflach Farm, please get in touch we are always happy to talk about what we do.

Treflach Farm, Treflach, Shropshire, SY10 9HX (01691) 654321

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